About Woodland Trails

Do you wish to live in one of Canada’s most GREEN and LIVABLE COMMUNITIES? Woodland Trails Oakville is the answer to that dream.


Woodland Trails is a haven for outdoor lovers with the preservations of an extensive network of linked natural heritage corridors lending to 900 hectares of the approved 3,400 hectares of developed land. This neighbourhood of Oakville was designed to promote healthy living with wonderful scenic nature trails in a wood and wildlife corridor. A river system will flow through this green space supplied by the Bronte Creek and Sixteen Mile Creek. If you think New York’s Central Park is large, North Oakville will preserve a green space 20% larger than that of New York’s Central Park, double the size of Toronto’s High Park and larger than Vancouver’s Stanley Park!

Woodland-Trails-Sports-Complex-North-Park-OakvillePaired with healthier living, this green corridor is home to Oakville’s new Sixteen Mile Sports Complex. Just west of Woodland Trails at Third Line and Dundas is a Pine Glen Soccer Complex, a world-class indoor soccer facility. North Oakville now provides you with gymnasiums, fitness programs, ice hockey, ice-skating, sports fields, playgrounds, splash pads and much more to meet the needs of you and your family!

The movement of New Urbanism will serve Woodland Trails with a diligently well-designed transit system and integration of schools. It will become integrated into Oakville and distinguished by dedicating a significant part of land to linked natural heritage corridors, which have been typically placed secondary if not nearly eliminated for primary development plans of other GTA developers.

Woodland-Trails-Parks-Oakville“It will be one of the most environmentally sensitive community plans in North America,” says David Stewart, President of Mattamy Development Corporation. The goal of many GTA developers has been to place as many housing units into an area as possible, but north Woodland Trails Oakville has a housing development strategy that is structured around the natural heritage corridors making it a highly sought after community. Young families crave the modern design of each unit, freedom of more green space, less urban sprawl and the desire to be connected to all major arteries of transportation and personal needs such as shopping and recreation.