Neyagawa Major Expansion and Lay-By Issue

Hello Woodland Trails residents and visitors to the site. I recently received an email from a concerned homeowner in the neighbourhood and believe more people would be interested in the matter.

“During the purchase of our townhouse and while we were visiting the home with our real estate agent, myself and my agent received a parking ticket while parked in the front of the townhouse in the dirt lane parallel to Neyagawa. I contacted the town of Oakville and was told that parking in this area and in the lane at the rear of the townhouse is not permitted under any circumstances. They provided me with a map of the streets where parking is permitted and any overnight parking must be arranged with the town.

I inquired further with the Town of Oakville and I was also told that a lay-by: a lane which is typical in the front of townhouses is not planned and will not be placed in front of the townhouses where the dirt lane currently exists. We were also told that while moving into the home any moving trucks will not be permitted to park either in the laneway in the back nor the front of the townhouse. Our movers took the risk and parked in the front anyhow.

Recently I noticed that each and every time I had a parcel from Canada Post, I received a notification in the mailbox and not on my front door. I inquired about it because not one parcel had been attempted to my door. I received a telephone call in response from Canada Post’s Oakville Delivery Depot Supervisor Elaine Garrett who informed me that there will never be deliveries to our door as it is considered a health and safety issue and our street does not provide safe access. I currently have been receiving both Fed-Ex and UPS deliveries to our front door but because they are also union I wonder how long that will last.

One person I spoke to with the Town of Oakville informed me that in the spring Neyagawa will undergo a major expansion with 4 lanes and if something is not done (and it might already be too late) that we will be at the mercy of no short -term parking/access if we do not request a lay-by along Neyagawa Boulevard. Oakville’s taxes are very high and I feel that something can and should be done to rectify this issue especially since all other townhouses in Oakville have a lay-by. As I see it, there is plenty of room on the West side of Neyagawa Blvd. for the planned expansion and a lay-by on the East side of the street. I hope that something can be done before it is too late.

I am going to copy this email to our Mayor in hopes that this will prompt some sort of response from him as contacting the pertinent people at The Town of Oakville offices have proven unsuccessful and unhelpful.

If you could post something on the Woodland Trails website or have anyone with information contact me in this regard I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.”

If anyone has any information or useful contacts that could help move this issue along it would be greatly appreciated. We didn’t want to post the residents email or phone number here but any information provided will be promptly passed along. You can chat about this topic is on the discussion board or send an email to Thanks!

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