North Oakville Trails Plan

A unique trail system is designed specifically for the growing new communities in North Oakville. Homes will be structured around a Natural Heritage corridors and trail systems which will run through Woodland Trails, Sixteen Hollow, Glenorchy and Joshua Meadows. The Natural Heritage System will provide and preserve 900 hectares of green space to encourage a healthy community, reduce reliance on roads, promote activities such as cycling and walking through the multi use trails, a network of on-road lanes and bike routes, and also link the multi communities together.


On May 24 2013, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton said, “Oakville is unique and there needs to be a focus on providing opportunities for walking and cycling, and reducing reliance on roads. Our North Oakville Trails System provides that opportunity,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “As well, a connected trail system like this brings sustained health and ecological benefits for our community.” This bodes well for the future of Woodland Trails, creating an excellent lifestyle that everyone will enjoy for years to come.

The hierarchy of trails includes multi-use trails, major trails and minor trails, as well as a network of on-road cycle lanes and bike routes.

Multi-use trails

  • North-Oakville-Trails-Plan-Woodland-Trails-2off road (within boulevard), hard surfaced trails, typically three metres wide
  • intended for shared use by pedestrians, cyclists, in-line skaters, etc.
  • are accessible for all including people using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers
  • allows for year round maintenance
  • provides access to adjacent neighbourhoods as north-south and east-west corridor connections
  • forms part of the Active Transportation Master Plan network

Major trails

  • off road, soft-surfaced compact trails, through natural areas, open space corridors, typically 2.4 metres wide
  • intended for lower pedestrian and cyclist volumes for recreational use
  • typically seasonal use, not intended to receive winter maintenance
  • provides secondary access to primary Active Transportation Master Plan network

Minor trails

  • off road, soft-surfaced materials, through natural areas and valley systems, typically 1-2 metres wide
  • intended for low pedestrian and cyclist volumes for passive recreational use
  • seasonal use, does not receive winter maintenance
  • provides enhanced circulation and improves access to major trail network

Background information

North-Oakville-Trails-Plan-Woodland-Trails-3A Council sub-committee was established for the purpose of hearing presentations and receiving comments on trails within the Natural Heritage System specific to the elements such as

  • location and purpose of the trails within the NHS
  • width of the trails and surface treatment
  • ensuring that trails have minimal impact on the NHS, while recognizing that trails are intended to control access into the NHS