Mattamy is releasing more lots today!

Mattamy Homes Today is the day! A new release of a select few lots and floor plans are being released by Mattamy Homes in the highly sought after Preserve, located in north Oakville. Mattamy has been incrementally releasing select floor plans each couple of weeks, with only a day or two notice in advance of the release, good to be quick on your toes if you wantto own a piece of real estate in this quickly developing community.

Saturday, October 4th Mattamy is releasing an exclusive selection of detached homes starting from $700,000 on 34’, 38’, 45’ and 50’ lots ranging from 2,511 Sq. Ft to 3,841 Sq.Ft.

Floor plans in detail

The Models


The Trillium – 34’ detached home: 4 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms + powder room, 2,511 Sq. Ft, priced from $741,999. Please click here for a detailed floor plan.


The Lavender – 38’ detached home: 4 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms + powder room, 2,693 Sq. Ft, priced from $847,990. Please click here for detailed floor plan.


The Snapdragon – 45’ detached home: 4 bedroom, 3 full bathrooms + powder room, 3,739 Sq. Ft, priced from $1,055,990. Please click here for detailed floor plan.


The Meadowlark – 50’ detached home: 4 bedroom, 3 full bathrooms + powder room, 3,841 Sq. Ft, priced from $1,091,990. Please click here for detailed floor plan.

Please check back for further updates on more releases!

Please contact Jamie Vieira and Associates, your North Oakville Experts with any questions and inquiries about available floor plans, pricing and general information!

Kristyna Mracek or Jamie Vieira at (905) 845-9180, Email: [email protected]


The Preserve Phase 1 SOLD OUT, Phase 2… RELEASED!

The long awaited release of Remington Homes select Phase 2 and Mattamy Homes Grand Opening is upon all those who are patiently waiting to invest and make The Preserve, in the highly anticipated North Oakville their home.

Remington released a very select number of lots for Phase 2 that sold out quickly and a new release of 34′ and 38′ lots is coming very soon. These lots were on sale for a very short time, and in such high demand that many people who registered did not see a chance to set an appointment at the sales office.

Remington’s 34′ lots will feature the ‘Pine’, ‘Alder’ and ‘Hazel’ models, the 38′ lots range from the price range of $795,990 to $905,990 and the 45’ lots are all sold out.

Are you interested in the new 34′ that are coming soon or the 38′ lots? Let us know, we have all the up to date floor plans, pricing and general information available!

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Mattamy homes is also releasing lots for the much anticipated Phase 2.

Mattamy will open with a full selection of very popular Village Homes, unique Rear Lane Townhomes plus a full selection of 34′, 38′, 45′ and 50′ Detached Homes this upcoming Saturday.

Are you interested in living in Oakville’s newest community? A community that is designed with the homeowner in mind, filled with natural corridors for walking/biking trails, and multiple parks and village squares modeled after small Ontario towns.

Please contact Jamie Vieira and Associates, your North Oakville Experts with any questions and inquiries about available floor plans, pricing and general information!

Kristyna Mracek or Jamie Vieira at (905) 845-9180

Email: [email protected]

What is Radon Gas? Should I be concerned?

If you are thinking of buying a home or are already a home owner, here is something you may want to check for either every 2 years if you are a home owner, or during your home inspection if you are buying a home.

Radon gas, what is it?

It is invisible, odourless and tasteless. When radon is released from the ground into the  an enclosed space, like homes, it can sometimes accumulate to high levels, which can be a risk to the health of you and your family.

How can Radon gas affect me and my family’s health?

Exposure to high levels of radon in indoor air results in an increased risk of developing lung cancer. The risk of cancer depends on the level of radon and how long a person is exposed to those levels. Long-term exposure to radon causes about 2,000 deaths per year and is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

How can Radon gas get into my home?

How radon gas enters a home

How radon gas enters a home

Radon can enter a home any place it finds an opening where the house contacts the soil: cracks in foundation walls and in floor slabs, construction joints, gaps around service pipes, support posts, window casements, floor drains, sumps or cavities inside walls.


How do I test my home for Radon gas?

There are two options for testing a house for radon: to purchase a do-it-yourself radon test kit ($25-$75 at a hardware store) or to hire a radon measurement professional. If you choose to purchase a radon test kit, you must closely follow the instructions on how to set up the test.

If you choose to hire a service provider to perform the radon test in your house, it is recommended that you ensure they are certified and will conduct a long term test for a minimum of 3 months.

How much will it cost of reduce levels of Radon gas in my home?

The cost for radon reduction depends on the size and design of a home and the work that is needed. These costs typically range from $500 to $3000 and is covered under Tarion if your home is still
under warranty.

– your Woodland Trails Team

Glenorchy Conservation Area

Glenorchy Conservation Area – What to Expect

imageMost people fear urban sprawl, no one can safely say they desire living in a congested community. Yes, I know some of you are disagreeing with me and saying “but I live a busy life and a busy lifestyle suits me!” or “real estate prices are better in A BOOMING city!”. Sure, but most of you own a pet and like having a place to take your pup for a walk or a run. Most of you would like to know you can enjoy a conservation area while in the growing heart of a community where everyones busy life styles are intertwined with nature and a healthy average 5.9% real estate appreciation. Why not have the best of both worlds?

North Oakville can now call their 400 hectares of green space the Glenorchy Conservation Area, integrated into 3,100 hectares of undeveloped parcels of land, bounded by Highway 407 to the north, Ninth Line to the east, Dundas Street to the south, and Tremaine Road to the west.

imageThis will create a linked natural heritage system and conservation area. Conservation Halton has partnered with the Government of Ontario to create the Glenorchy Conservation Area, protecting 400 hectares (650 acres) of environmentally sensitive land in North Oakville, containing the Trafalgar Moraine and the Sixteen Mile Creek valley. This area is expected to accommodate approximately 50,000 people and around 25,000 jobs. The decision to preserve the 900 hectare natural heritage system within the larger area was ultimately upheld by the Ontario Municipal Board which turned down appeals.

You can learn more about this project through the Conservation of Halton. 

You can also learn more about the lifestyle of Glenorchy and Woodland trails by  browsing our website:

Interested in Glenorchy Real Estate? Click HERE on this helpful link to help you get started!


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